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People who have been through
Systemic Family Intervention
share what it was like, and what they learned

"Because I recently found myself in a lot of pain, I have sought professional help. I chose Julie Kelly as I found her to be very positive, caring, and she had inner strength and understanding, which I needed. With her help and guidance, I have been able to quiet my anxiety about (the drug addict in my life). I've come to realize that I cannot control, change, fix, or affect (him), or for that matter, anyone… Asking for help has always been very difficult for me. I learned to receive help. The love and caring in the room was awesome. With my new insights, I am racing on a journey toward my own personal recovery. I can effect changes in myself."

"With the education of Systemic Family Intervention, I've learned a lot about myself. I'm excited about the changes and healing that are possible. I'm committed to my own recovery process. This will be a new way of living -- I am glad to be in treatment too."

"Our eight hour get together was intense, educational, and to my surprise, upbeat. It was intense because there was such an outpouring of caring and friendship towards (the alcoholic), such concern about (her). It was educational because of the abundance of facts presented to us. And it was upbeat because (Julie Kelly), through her own experiences and her professional work, spelled out the steps and changes a family can make toward recovery. These changes can result in a renewed sense of self for all family members, new dynamics within the family, and better relations all around. I guess those are things all families can benefit from."

"I've learned a lot about the effects of alcoholism on all of us. This is more about changing my life. This is for me. I'm learning the difference between giving up and letting go."

"Because my heart is heavy with concern for (the drug addict), I have begun an educational program to learn how I can better relate to (him) and to (his) addiction… This disease can be treated, and there is no reason for me to feel guilt, shame, or anger towards (him) and (his) illness. (He) is not a bad person because (he) takes drugs. There is nothing I can do to cure (him) or get (him) to cure (himself). My heart and soul have been lightened and freed."

I was standing on the shore of a ferociously dangerous river watching a small fragile boat carrying several people who I love very much, rushing completely out of control towards some life-threatening rocks. I knew that there was some form of help available but I didn't know how to contact them…Miraculously we found (Julie Kelly) and through (her), all the others who have put us where we are today. I'm still viewing the scene from the shore. The boat is in calm water and is equipped with some excellent aids to navigation so that the journey can continue. There are still lots of rocks downstream, but the occupants are well aware of them and I have only a tolerable level of concern for their safety. There's also a lot of fun and beauty to be enjoyed now that the panic that obscured it has been greatly reduced."

"(The intervention) was one of the most exhilarating, mind-boggling, joyous, sad, happy experiences I've ever been involved in…(and) the most rewarding…(Julie Kelly is) a marvelous woman and a wonderful teacher and leader for such an important process in saving a life."

"Clarity, passion, integrity, devotion…(Julie Kelly is) a lighthouse of truth and compassion…to use for navigation through the most perilous of life's seas."

"At the end of (the eight hour training) session, I felt empowered with the knowledge that our recovery as a family was about to start, regardless of what my sister had in mind for herself…(Julie Kelly) provided hope where some of us thought there was none;…gave us the strength to follow through with what had to be done; (was) sympathetic and caring when we were in pain; and …(was) 'with us" every step of the way."


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